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I'm sure you all have seen the videos on social media of people from mature adults to 3-year old's "flossing". It has been all the rage and people are flossing all over the place and they even have flossing competitions.

When you think of a wedding do you think of your teeth? Maybe not, but when you think of a wedding do you think of pictures, smiling and laughter? Probably so. Abilene Dental loves wedding season!

The heat has hit, and the pools are crowded! Welcome to summer in Abilene, Texas. At Abilene Dental, we are trying to keep cool and would love for you to join us this summer in our office for a check-up or an appointment.

Summer is almost in full effect and vacations are booked! Before you head off to your relaxing beach vacation or escaping to some cooler temperatures make sure you have everything ready before you hit the road.

The word cancer does not carry a very good sentiment with it. We realize that cancer is not something that many people want to discuss, but it is important that we remain aware and knowledgeable so that we can try and defeat it!

When we hear the word dentures, most of us think of seeing old peoples' teeth fall out! A common misconception. Dentures are NOT just for really old people and are a wonderful treatment option when multiple teeth are missing!

Dentures are the solution for multiple missing teeth. When your permanent teeth are gone for one reason or another, dentures provide a removable replacement.

At Abilene Dental, our team is ready and excited to make your oral health journey fit your specific needs. Although dental implants are great, they are not the only option when it comes to missing teeth! Our team is here to work with you and make sure that we find the solution that best fits your lifestyle and your smile!

There are actually several different options when having to deal with a

At Abilene Dental, our top priority is patient care and customer service. The only way to guarantee superior care is through hiring a staff that embodies these characteristics. Our dental assistants are the faces that care for you, know you and make our office a home for you. We love our 6 dental assistants and could not make it through the day without them!

A baseball, a rock, a faceplant…there are so many different ways that you might lose a permanent tooth! Your tooth might fall out from decay or it might be knocked out, but either way is painful and can be embarrassing. At Abilene Dental, we have the best solution for you and want to customize your experience.

To wrap up our comfort dentistry series, we want to focus on sedation dentistry and the ease that it can bring to your dentistry fears! We realize that a dental office is a very intimidating place for many of our patients and we want to help you conquer your anxious thoughts and make you as comfortable as possible.

Did you know that approximately 40 million Americans avoid the dentist because of fears and anxieties about discomfort? You could be one of those 40 million, and you are not alone! One of the most frequent questions and concerns we receive is about how much discomfort a patient will be in during a certain treatment. No one likes to be in discomfort, and especially in your mouth.

During the month of Feburary we are celebrating Invisalign month at Abilene Dental. Invisalign is one of our favorite services to provide our clients because it has benefits to patients of all ages. We wanted to take a few minutes and explain some of the basics of invisalign, so that you will feel more comfortable in making your decision.

What is Invisalign?

Our team at Abilene Dental is proud to

At Abilene Dental, we take our patients seriously. Our first priority is to keep you feeling and experiencing comfort through your oral health experience. We want to make sure that you enjoy coming to see your friends at the dentist, instead of dreading it like many people do around the world. Each person that sits in our chair is important to us and we want to make sure that you feel welcome!

At the end of last year we decided we wanted to ask you, our audience and family members, what you wanted to see out of this blog. We can’t thank you enough for all of the responses and input that we got. When we started this blog, we told you that we would try and provide you with the very best insight and information that we could.